10 Must have items when travelling with your dog!

Steffanie van Twuijver


April 15, 2022 12:11 AM

After 6 years of travel with Olive, we have gathered quite some stuff we can almost not live without, and I figured it would be useful for all of you wanderers out there! Our list of must-haves is developed totally from experience, so all of these items are 100% in use by us, almost every day!

1. Kurgo Splash Free Wander Dog Water Bowl - $13.95 - (link here!)

We have had the Kurgo splash free water bowl for about a year now, and let me tell you, it gets used. A lot. The high sides and tapered top prevent the bowl from splashing around even when in a car or other moving situation, it holds around 700 ml of water, is easy to clean, PVC and BPA free, and is easy to squish into your bags. We use this bowl as Olives every-day water bowl during travel, and it's been an absolute banger of a bowl!

2. Hurtta Monsoon coat Eco - (link here!)

Let's be real - all coats and harnesses from Hurtta are a big win in our household. They hold up amazingly, have an amazing fit, and look cute as heck. The monsoon coat is the coat we use most, it's a thin raincoat that holds up against the biggest of storms! And one of the best parts? It's made of 100% recycled materials!

3. Lickimat Wobble - $15.95 - (link here!)

Sometimes you just want to feed your dog quickly in a bowl, other times you need a lickimat for some proper mental stimulation - and with little to no room why not combine the both? The Lickimat Wobble is ideal since I can just plop some food in it and Olive can use it as a bowl, but when we have some more time I can freeze it with some goodies and use it the way it's meant to be used!

4. Foxmoth shop slip collar - (link here! shop has limited opening times)

Whenever we arrive in a new place Olive can sometimes be a bit nervy, especially if we are in a big bustling city. She needs a day or two to adjust and I don't blame her, especially not after flying! Because of this I'm always a bit nervous myself - what if she is able to slip out of her collar and run off? - Well that's why the first days she always wears a Foxmoth collar - due to the slip she is simply not able to slip out of the collar so it gives me the security and confidence I need!

5. Fi and Mimi blankets - (link here!)

Beds is something we do not have space for in our luggage, so we use blankets instead. We have two from Fi and Mimi with us and they are a dream! Easy to wash, sturdy, but fold up relatively small. They are also super nice for personal use, we take them to the beach all the time and Olive sleeps on her blankets at night!

6. Hurtta Weekend Warrior harness Eco - (link here!)

There is no hike without a good harness. After looking for a good harness for ages, we tried the weekend warrior by Hurtta and we were sold! The fit is just so nice, it lays far behind her elbows meaning no rubs, and her movement is completely free. Definitely our go-to harness!

7. Gray and Hound Fanny pack - $35.00 - (link here!)

We have been using our Gray and Hound fanny pack so much, it perfectly fits my phone, treats, keys, and poopbags! After 2 or so years the fanny pack might have gotten a bit dirty, but is still is in perfect condition otherwise. We can definitely recommend!

8. Kurgo Kibble carrier - $19.95 - (link here!)

Bulky kibble bags are a big no-no for us. When we were given the chance to work together with Kurgo, we were able to give the Kurgo Kibble Carrier a good testround, and man what a savior this bag is! It's big enough to store about 8-10 lbs of our food successfully (although the website says a max of 5lbs is advised) and it stays super fresh in there due to the rolled down edge!

9. Goldrute Dogstuff hands-free leash - (link here!)

A hands-free leash is an absolute must for us. Something to comfortably hang around your waist or shoulder on hikes, so that you can focus on your footwork! We use a biothane handsfree leash from Goldrute, and it's brilliant, exactly the right length to use as a short or medium leash and with plenty of ways to tie to your body in longer and shorter format, meaning we can adjust Olives freedom as we wander through cities or hike up mountains!

10. Jared the Giraffe - (link here!)

Olive loves super soft teddy fabric animals, so when we were wandering through the airport and found a MiniSo store filled with the softest of stuffed animals, we just had to let her pick one out. Well - that was Jared. Jared is now our trusty nibble-companion on all our travels. She loves him!

What are your Must-have items for your travels?

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