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How awesome that you want to read a little more about who we are! So let’s tell you our story. Will and I met in October 2015 in Dublin and hit it off right away - so much so that a week later he moved in, and half a year later we started travelling the world together, and we have not stopped doing so ever since, even when Olive joined our little fam in 2016!

How we found baby Olive

When Will and I finished our roundtrip across the entirety of Cambodia, we stumbled into a gorgeous little town called Kampot, and we felt right at home. When a friend of ours found a litter of puppies, it only felt like the natural next step. The mom was so emaciated, and the 5 puppies were super afraid. I actually wanted a boy from the litter that was white with brown, but Olive was the only one that walked straight up to me, sniffed me, and then ran away again, so she made the choice for me. She came home with us when she was about 6 weeks old, and hasn’t left my side since. Best decision ever!

Who are we, actually?

Let’s introduce ourselves! Will is from Chicago, but after his term in the US army, he decided to explore more of the world. His eagerness to learn about new cultures and people brought him to over 40 countries, and many more to come. He is currently studying to get a master’s degree, and definitely not stopping after that! Steff is a full stack developer and graphic designer with the same eagerness to learn and grow as Will. She has her own Design Studio that she started mid-pandemic, and it’s been such an amazing journey! Her travels started when she was 17 and moved to Belgium for a short while to work with horses. After that there was no stopping her, and with over 35 countries she is well on her way to catch up with Will!

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Honestly we never thought we would be where we are today - sharing our stories with an awesome community of people, and inspiring people to take chances and travel more. Follow our socials, join our group, and make sure to tell us everything about your travels!

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